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May 22, 2024

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By Christy Wirtz

This post was produced in collaboration with our colleagues at PowerSchool.

It’s no secret that engaging Gen Z is a challenge for enrollment teams. But high school leaders, teachers, and counselors are grappling with these same challenges as well—from growing mental health concerns to the rise in students opting out of college.

That’s why PowerSchool’s Naviance, the leading K-12 college, career, and life readiness platform, is launching new features across 2024 to keep students engaged, help them get answers to their most pressing questions, and simplify access to college. Since EAB works closely with PowerSchool through our Intersect partnership, we are eager to learn from these new developments.

Here are the three features we’re most excited about.

1. Introducing PowerBuddy: Game-changing AI to personalize college planning

In the coming months, students with access to Naviance, Schoology, and PowerSchool SIS will also gain access to MyPowerHub, a centralized dashboard that consolidates all relevant information and applications from PowerSchool into a single, streamlined platform. On the dashboard, they will find PowerBuddy—a new AI-powered assistant that will guide students through their college search.

With PowerBuddy, students will be able to:

  • Find new colleges that are a good fit based on their interests, GPA, test scores, location, and more
  • Research majors
  • Narrow down options based on their preferences
  • Curate a list
  • And more–without ever leaving MyPowerHub

3 new Naviance features that are transforming college planning | EAB (1)

3 new Naviance features that are transforming college planning | EAB (2)

With PowerBuddy, Naviance students can ask an AI-powered assistant to help them conduct research, save schools of interest, curate a list of colleges, and connect with Intersect partners.

Notably, these new tools will also expand the reach of Intersect by giving students the ability to connect with Intersect schools directly within MyPowerHub and PowerBuddy. Additionally, with MyPowerHub open to students from both in and outside of Naviance, the market reach of Intersect is forecasted to grow in every state by August 2024 and beyond.

  • 3 new Naviance features that are transforming college planning | EAB (3)


    forecasted growth in Intersect market share across all 50 states and Washington, D.C. by August 2024

How to Maximize Your Usage of Generative AI

2. A more personalized homepage with “My Future Plan”

While 75 percent of high school juniors who use Naviance intend to go to college (which is 8 percentage points higher than the national average), that still leaves 25 percent who are either unsure of their future plans or are interested in pursuing alternative pathways. At the same time, students and parents are increasingly demanding that educational journeys are interwoven with long-term career planning.

To more holistically support all students with postsecondary planning, PowerSchool has introduced My Future Plan: a more personalized homepage that speaks to their unique goals, interests, and strengths. By helping students consider and work toward more diverse goals, such as enlisting in the military, attending trade school, earning a professional certification, and more, Naviance has become a more inclusive platform.

This also means that students who ultimately do pursue college will do so with more confidence and conviction after having explored a wider range of postsecondary opportunities.

3 new Naviance features that are transforming college planning | EAB (4)

With the introduction of “My Future Plan,” Naviance will begin to personalize the student experience based on their unique goals and interests.

3. Expanding college access with Enroll360 Match integration

With student stress and anxiety at an all-time high, providing students with simpler pathways to college is becoming more and more critical. That’s why Naviance is also partnering with Enroll360 Match to simplify and expand college access to Naviance students nationwide.

This fall, Naviance students will gain the ability to opt-in to receiving admission and scholarship offers without ever submitting an application. Once a student agrees to participate, Naviance will seamlessly transfer the student’s data to Match, which will pre-populate the student’s profile. They will then gain immediate access to the Match platform, where they can add additional information to their profile, review matches, and more.

3 new Naviance features that are transforming college planning | EAB (5)

This fall, Naviance students will gain access to Enroll360 Match, allowing them to receive admission and scholarship offers without ever submitting an application.

Over the next year, this partnership will not only simplify the student experience, but also dramatically expand our Match student audience among more than 6,000 Naviance high schools nationwide.

Why Enroll360 Match’s Partnership with Match Will Transform College Admissions

Naviance’s adoption of new personalization features, AI technology, and integration with Enroll360 Match marks a significant step forward in addressing the challenges that enrollment teams face every day.

Connect with Naviance students

Speak with an expert to learn how Intersect can help you connect and build affinity with Naviance students.

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3 new Naviance features that are transforming college planning | EAB (2024)


How many students use Naviance? ›

More than 10 million students use it to submit their college applications, request teacher recommendations, and submit transcripts. They research colleges and universities using Naviance's SuperMatch feature, which calculates a “fit score” designed to show students how well aligned they are with a particular school.

How does Naviance work? ›

Naviance is an educational data management platform used by K-12 schools and colleges. High schools that sign up for Naviance can give accounts to students, teachers, and guidance counselors. Guidance counselors can use Naviance to send transcripts to colleges, keep records of grades and attendance, and more.

What is the trend in undergraduate enrollment? ›

Undergraduate enrollment grew 2.5 percent in spring 2024 compared to the previous year (+359,000; see Figure 1.1). Continuing the trend from last fall's 1.2 percent increase, this marks the second consecutive semester of enrollment growth following years of decline during the pandemic.

What is intersect eab? ›

Appily. An expansive college search network that leverages modern digital marketing tactics to help you connect with prospects and inquiries that are more likely to apply and enroll.

How does Naviance help students? ›

California districts rely on Naviance for a comprehensive college, career, and life readiness solution. With Naviance, school districts across California can help middle and high school students discover their strengths and interests, explore colleges and careers, and navigate their best-fit postsecondary path.

What are the benefits of Naviance? ›

Naviance can indeed be a helpful tool for college research and preparation. It's particularly useful for keeping track of your college application progress and understanding your academic standing within your own high school.

Does Naviance have GPA? ›

From the About Me drop down on the top, right corner of the page, select the Student's Account. 4. Under the General Information heading you will see GPA and Weighted GPA listed along with personal and contact information. You may need to scroll down to view the Academics heading under the Contact heading.

What are the three types of readiness Naviance is used for? ›

All high school students have the opportunity to complete various tasks within Naviance to support LAUSO's Key Performance Indicators in three focus areas; aware, eligible and prepared.

What do colleges see in Naviance? ›

*Secondary School Reports, Teacher/Counselor recommendations, & Transcripts are the only documents that can be submitted electronically to colleges via NAVIANCE.

What is the hardest year of undergrad? ›

Junior year: This is typically the toughest academically, as you delve deeper into your major. Balancing internships and possibly studying abroad adds to the challenge.

Why is college enrollment declining? ›

SFSU officials point to a combination of things leading to the enrollment decline: Demographics across the state, cost of living, and many students now choosing to stay closer to home. In addition, there are fewer international students.

Is student enrollment declining overall? ›

US College Enrollment Decline – Enrollment Cliff (Continued)

Enrollment at 2-year public colleges decreased by 38% between 2010-2021. Enrollment at 2-year for-profit private colleges decreased by about 59% between 2010-2021. Enrollment at 4-year private for-profit colleges decreased by about 54% between 2010-2021.

Who owns EAB? ›

In May 2021, BC XI signed an agreement to acquire EAB in 50/50 partnership with existing investor, Vista Equity Partners (“Vista”). EAB is the leading provider of subscription-based research, software and technology-enabled services to the higher education industry.

What is the intersect method? ›

The intersect method is a drilling method that uses two drills, each at the far end of the bore path. By means of the intersect method, drilling is done from two sides towards each other. One of the biggest advantages of the intersect method is that you can double the maximum achievable drill length.

What does EAB stand for in education? ›

In 2014, we officially shortened our original moniker — the Education Advisory Board — to simply “EAB.” As a result, EAB is no longer an acronym; it is simply our company name.

How popular is Naviance? ›

Naviance continues to be a popular research tool for college-bound students. More than 70% of respondents valued Naviance for helping them apply to colleges, discover their strengths and interests, and explore career options with over 77% valuing the ability to research their college options.

Is Naviance the common app? ›

Naviance integrates with the Common Application. All application supporting documents such as transcripts, letters of rec and school reports are submitted to Common App colleges ​BY ME​ via Naviance.

What is the acceptance rate for Naviance schools? ›

Naviance student acceptances decreased slightly from 2.6 million in 2020 to 2.4 million in 2021. With many colleges and universities working to maintain enrollment and providing additional, test-optional flexibility, the admit rate held steady through the pandemic at 39% from 2020 to 2021.

What is the annual revenue of Naviance? ›

Naviance's revenue is $7.0 million.

Naviance has 300 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $23,333. Naviance peak revenue was $7.0M in 2023.

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